My Incomplete Story of Taj Mahal Visit

Taj Mahal

A story of Taj Mahal Visit, a Symbol of Love

Taj Mahal nested in my mind from my childhood when I came to learn it from my book as one of the seven wonders on earth and story of Taj Mahal visit from many men. Many thoughts about visiting Taj Mahal a symbol of love thronged in the yard of my mind.

How does it look like? How does it assume different looks at different times especially when it begins to smile at moonlit night and when she reflects herself on the pool water on a moonlit night and under the golden rays on morning sun? And so on.

One day, in my childhood, one of my maternal uncles asked me what your aim is. Smilingly and abruptly I answered I want to see Taj Mahal.

Aim or fascination of my childhood whatever I say came true on my last winter vacation when I made my Manali Trip. On our way back from Manali, We reserved a day for Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal

The silvery look of Taj Mahal

Beginning our journey to Agra

It was the early morning of 25 December 2017. We began our onward journey to Agra from Paharganj, Delhi.

We were a team of nine and took a package for Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Mathura and Brinda Bhan with a coast of Rs 500 for per one.

With an obsession as if I were in a dream, we were heading through the six lanes Yamuna Expressway. When our guide began to deliver his tricky lecture, I backed to my sense to realize that we are already in Agra.

Reaching Agra Fort

At 10.30 am, the driver dropped us at the parking zone near Agra Fort. Though the dream of Taj Mahal was always with me, the architectural beauty of Agra Fort did not frustrate me. Rather the beauty and historical background of this Magul Architecture amazed me greatly.

The trick of The Tour Company

Since the Tour Company trapped us into tricky package plan, we had to visit a replica shop of Taj Mahal, a sweet shop and take our lunch at their chosen restaurant.

Reaching before the Taj Mahal

After the lunch, finally, we were for Taj Mahal. And within the half an hour, the bus dropped at the very first step of VIP gate as the authority does not allow any polluting traffic within the 50 meters of Taj Mahal. It is because to save our beloved Taj from the air pollution which has already taken a toll on life from the wonder of Taj.

We reached before the ticket counter on foot encountering a rush of local and foreign tourist. Collecting the entry ticket, we rushed to take the tail of line which was already about half a kilometer away from the entry gate.

Seeing the unbelievable crowd of tourist, I was convinced with the record of 50, 000 visitors visiting Taj Mahal each day and 7-8 million each year.

After about an hour impatient waiting on the line, we could manage to throw ourselves through the main gate into the yard of Taj Mahal. It was as if we burst out like seeds from an over-ripe pod on the floor.

Great Gate

Before the Great Gate

Stepping forward and passing through the Great Gate, now I am at the foot of leading path to the garden.

Enjoying the Magical Beauty of Taj Mahal

It was the time of sun setting. The reddish light of setting sun fell over the Taj with which she was changing her look at every second. She picked up the color of the sunset. The reflection of Taj in the pool gleamed like pink jewels. The glowing beauty of Taj Mahal stuck me.

Oh! My Almighty. Is it possible in reality?

Taj Mahal

Evening view of Taj

I began to click my camera to capture every moment’s magic of Taj Mahal. It was a miracle. You can’t believe it without your eyes.

Taj Mahal

Near Princess Diana Bench.

I began to walk forward with the stream of visitors. After a stroll of few minutes, now we are on the platform where we found the Princess Diana Bench.

I tried my level best to take a photo sitting on the bench but it was in vain. The maddening crowd of tourists trying to capture their moment sitting on the bench with the background of Taj Mahal pushed me back. I had to be satisfied taking a photo sitting near the bench.

Then we headed to the main building. Somehow we could manage to reach the right side of the main building. Again, we were at the end of the never-ending queue of visitors.

Already Taj has assumed its majestic glory. It was simply spectacular to look at the gleaming view of Taj Mahal. Now I can realize why it is called A Shrine to Love or a living symbol of eternal love.

It is clear to me why Taj has again been included in the list of New Seven Wonders of Earth. Why it was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rightly it bears the testimony of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s pure love to his most beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal though she was his third wife.

When Mumtaz died after the birth of her 14th child which greatly shocked Shah Jahan. Out of his strong grief, he decided to build this monument as a tomb for his wife and to memorize his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

The whole building is made of precious ivory-white- marble with inlays of colored marble on the bank of River Yamuna. The main building rests on a terrace of red sandstone.

The four slender white towers rising from the corners of the terrace are standing in such a mood as they were the sleepless guards of the Tomb.

Backside slender white tower of Taj

I think they are erected straightly so that Mamtaz can sleep in peace.

Taj Mahal

The right side of Taj

The total area of this complex is 42 acre. In the complex, there is also a mosque, a guest house (a replica of the mosque built for architectural balance) and gardens.

 Guest house of Taj

Guest house of Taj

The history of Taj Majal always wondered me. It was really hard for me to believe that it took 22 years of 22,000 workers and 1000 elephants to complete the building work of this incredible monument.

It cost an incredible amount of approximately 32 million rupees. But after visiting her, Taj Mahal could completely convince me about the history associated with Taj.

Read more about Taj Mahal here

In Front wall of Taj Mahal

The front wall of Taj

It took about an hour to reach the right side from the left of the monument taking the line of the maddening crowd behind the main building. We had to step ahead like the tortoise.

Reaching the front corner from the right side, we had to stand motionless for another half an hour.

Ended Our Visit without the End

So, we had to end up our mission because of the repeated come back call from our Package Planer. Two more places Mathura and Brindavan are remaining we are going to visit but it is already 8.30 pm.

With a pain-stricken mind, I left the chaotic gathering. Since mind didn’t permit me to come back, I looked back at our beloved Taj. It seems as if she were calling me with her sweet tone.

Now, I can realize why people call Taj Mahal a symbol of love.

What can I do? Damn! If we hired a personal car! We were nine and could do easily.

With this thought, I found myself before the exit of the main gate. Bidding farewell, I left my beloved Taj hoping again I would come to hug my beloved.

Wish you good luck and stay well until my come back.


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