A Fabulous Story of Darjeeling Tour

Visiting Darjeeling was a long-cherished dream in my life. The dream was like a shot in the arm within my inner world.

I heard many times of the magical beauty of Darjeeling from many a man.

So I took a stern decision to explore the stunning beauty of Darjeeling, the heart of earthly paradise and it happened in my first Darjeeling Tour.

And yes, there are many amazing places to visit in Darjeeling which are enough to bring Darjeeling the credit of earthly paradise.

A golden view of Kanchenjunga

Darjeeling Tour, A great Traveling Story in My Life

It was the beginning of 2014.

“Shamim Bhai I will visit Darjeeling”, I shared my desire with one of my colleagues.

“Make a plan. I will also join you”, instantly he also showed his interest.

After that day we used to talk about Darjeeling and its beauty. We were always busy making a plan. Then I also shared my plan with some of my friends and other colleagues. They also became interested in my plan.

So I got down to brass tracks to materialize my dream. Whenever I got someone who had made Darjeeling Tour, I stopped him and asked for his experiences.

But I could learn a little from them. Then I Googled for information but it also worked a little. I was throwing stones into the darkness.

The appearance of Ranjana on the scene

Then Ranjana from India came to the scene. She came to Bangladesh to visit with her family.

She had to stop in my town because her train way to Dhaka from Chittagong got stuck into the track. Ranjana was a girl of cold turkey.

“Can you please help us with Darjeeling Trip?” I sought her help.

“You should book the train ticket for Howrah to New Jalpaiguri (NJP) first. It is because train tickets in India are always in great demand.

Most of the people in India like to make their journey by train. The train journey is affordable and comfortable for the Indian.

So if you are late, you have to suffer a lot for the tickets” making everything clear about Darjeeling and the tour plan, she replied. She also briefed us on the tourists places in Darjeeling.

I had no idea of booking the Indian Railway ticket. So I asked for her kind help with booking tickets and with her generosity, she agreed with a smile.

I had a vague idea that the Darjeeling tour would cost me an arm and a leg. But she assured me that there is nothing to be worried about the cost.

She told me that if I make the tour in a planned way, it would cost a little. It brought great relief to my thoughts.

Making the Tour plan

From 16 December 2014, we had a long winter vacation of 16 days. So we made a plan to make the tour on that vacation.

For the tour, first of all, we needed to get an Indian tourist visa. All responsibilities fell upon my shoulder.

So I had to confirm my visa, tickets and make a tour plan.

I had to pass a tough tunnel to get the e-token for the Indian Visa. It is because the hackers took control over the e-token site. I got the e-token taking help from the agent of the hackers with a giant cost.

We got the Indian tourist visa.

The ticket of Maitree Express from Dhaka to Kolkata was confirmed for 18th December. It was the first time I would be traveling out of my country.

Moreover, it was to Darjeeling, the queen of nature. I had only heard of the magical beauty of Darjeeling from some of my friends.

Also, I have seen the majestic beauty of Darjeeling on the photograph and postcard. So the excitement was going on in my mind.

I was waiting for the journey date but the time was not passing.

At last, my irritating waiting was about to come to an end. The fixed date arrived. It was on 18th December 2014, a dreamy day.

The journey from Comilla to Dhaka

Though our journey date was 18th December, we had to start our journey from Comilla on 17th December.

It is because we have to check at Cantonment station at 6.30 am. from where Maitree begins its journey.

We were a team of seven. We started our journey from Comilla to Dhaka at 10 am on the 17th by bus and got into a hotel at Mohakhali Vegetable Market.

Though the quality of the hotel was not up to the mark, the security was good. So we were satisfied with it. We did not mind the quality and service of the hotel.

Nothing was as important as the thinking of Darjeeling, the dreamland. The word ‘Darjeeling’ became every beat of my heart.

Only the stunning beauty and serenity of Darjeeling was flashing in my mind. Maybe the same case was with the other members.

After taking dinner in Dhaka

We took our dinner. We gossiped until late at night and the topic was Darjeeling. Everybody was in a mood for excitement.

We could sleep only for a short time on that night

Dhaka to Kolkata

We got up early in the morning.

The time came to start off with the first leg of our journey from Bangladesh to India. We were to check in at the station at 6.30 am. We reached the station at 6 am and went through the process of check-in.

Maitree Express
Maitree waiting to start

Forty-five minutes were remaining before Maitree jumping into its beginning. We all strolled around the platform for some time.

It was a biting winter morning. We took tea on the platform. Then we boarded our cabin. Jumping onward with a whistle, Maitree began to run at 8.10 am.

Peeping through the window curtain, I was enjoying the lush green crop on both sides of an invisible line. The caterers peeped into our cabin and asked for the lunch order.

Chicken, fish, egg, vegetables, and dhal with rice were on the menu. The lunch would be served at Darshana before getting down for immigration.

We ordered chicken, vegetables, and dhal with rice.

Reaching Border

We reached Darshana at about 12 pm. We had to get off with our luggage at both Darshana and Gede.

Four hours were killed for completing customs and immigration formalities on both sides. (Bangladesh immigration counters at Darshana and at Gede in India)

Moreover, we were forced to sit for hours in the stifling heat of the waiting enclosure. Though it was winter, there was a scorching heat at mid-noon. It was a kind of oppression and a horrific experience.

After the completion of the immigration process, Maitree resumed its journey. In the fading sunlight of winter, I could see the people roaming on both sides.

Arrival in Kolkata

The train completed its 538 km journey in 13 hours and arrived at Chitpur Station (New Kolkata Station) at 9 pm. We got down and headed for the exit.

We scampered out of the station and began to look for the taxi outside.

There was a pre-paid taxi stand outside the station. But we were ignorant of it. So we hired the taxi from the broker falling into their trick and had to pay double for going to Barrow Bazar. We hired 2 taxies for seven.

We hired for Barrow Bazar but the drivers dropped us at Barrow Moshjid (Big Mosque). Nothing to say but to cool down. We were cheated.

We had a few rupees with us. So we needed to exchange dollars to pay the taxi drivers but there was no money exchanger. A broker was found who exchanges dollars at a poor rate.

No way to escape but to negotiate with him. We paid the taxi drivers.

Check into Hotel after a great suffering

Then we rummaged for the hotel room. But there was no good hotel in that area.

So we had to compromise with the worst one. We all got into the Hotel Raj, Raj by the name not by the quality and services. But the room tariff was so high.

It was 1000 rupees excluding taxes for every double room. We took 3 for the seven.

We took a shower and got fresh.  As we were badly hungry, we hurriedly stepped down for dinner. We hoped to have a delicious dinner.

But our hopes nipped into the buds. We got the Bengali menu but the taste was not what we had expected.

It was more than the worst. Thanking for the bad dinner, we came back to the hotel room.

We hang out on the topic of the serenity of Darjeeling for some time. But soon we all lost in the world of deep slumber as we were very tired of the long journey. We got up in the late morning.

It was at about 8 am. We got fresh and had the worst breakfast as last night’s dinner. Still, we could not inform our family of our safe arrival.

So we looked for the mobile connection and finally, we got it at a high price. I called up my home and they got relief from tension with my safe arrival.

Then we quickened to our hotel room. We had to check out the room early because we were to reach Howrah Station before 2 pm.

Our train would leave the station at 2.15 pm. Moreover, we have to exchange rupees from Marquise street money exchangers.

Howrah to NJP

Howrah Rail Station
In Howrah Station

We reached Howrah Station at 1 pm. Ranjana also arrived in the meantime with our tickets. She also helped us to find out our compartment.

No words were found to thank her because the value of her kindness can’t be measured. She had to undergo a blush of tiresome long journey of three hours to reach Howrah from her home.

Again she would do the same. We tried to entertain her with the sense of our gratitude. But she had to refuse our offer with a sweet smile because she had a great hurry with her exam.

We had to see off her but she remained in our thoughts.

Howrah to NJP was a fantastic journey I have ever enjoyed in my life. Our train Shatabdi Express was a special one. The train is run only for tourism time, especially in winter.

It is a superfast train fully air-conditioned. Shatabdi Express runs at an average speed of 70km per hour. Ultra soft reclining seat of Shatabdi Express provided excellent comfort.

The large windows provided extraordinary views of the landscape. The train began to run with a stormy speed.

It was a great thrilling.

In the meantime, we were served a delicious onboard lunch. Ranjan talentedly chose the non-veg menu for us. Nothing to say about Ranjana. Simply awesome.

A savory lunch was enjoyed by us. Chicken, vegetable dal, and chatni were served with roti and rice. Card and ice-cream of renowned Amul brand were served as dessert. The lunch was simply awesome.

Meeting a Generous Indian family

A handsome Indian with a smiling face seated beside me. With great enthusiasm, he wanted to know about me. We exchanged greetings and introduced ourselves to each other. The family was also going to make a trip to Darjeeling. He proudly introduced me to his family members. His father showed, even more, interest to us. He became a little bit emotional because his grandfather’s home was in Bangladesh. At the time of separation between India and Pakistan, his father migrated to Kolkata. He narrated his Bangladesh related story. Once he came to my town to play a football match.

“You will help them in all respect if they need, Mrinal. They are from my root”, he requested Mrinal with a tone of order.

And Mreenal who is the Mental Toughness Trainer at Indian Men’s Hockey Team did so. He was also a helping guy by nature. We did not book the hotel at N.J.P. He managed rooms for us in the same hotel they did book.

It was about 5 pm. The caterers again appeared before us with afternoon snacks. It was included in biscuits, chanachur, chocolate, and tea. We could not but enjoy the snacks a lot.

It was the time of dusk. Western horizon became reddish. It was simply amazing. The train was rushing towards as if it had been a rocket. We were served with evening snacks at 7 pm. This time we were entertained with toast, butter, and soup. And at 9 pm we were given dinner. And the menu and dessert were the same as lunch.

Boarding into NJP Hotel

We arrived at N.J.P at about 10 pm. We checked in Hotel Sahara. The hotel manager welcomed us wholeheartedly. We had no tension of dinner because it was already entertained by Shatabdi Express.

Again Mreenal came onto the scene. He knocked on my room’s door and asked for our next day’s trip plan. We requested him to give us a suggestion. He told us that first of all, we should hire a Tata Sumo car with a skilled driver who would be able to guide us. We requested him to hire a car and he earnestly did it. He wished us a good night and requested us to get up early in the morning. We should start at 8 am. Without any delay, we slept off the night hiding into the blanket because of bitter cold.

NJP to Darjeeling

Next morning we got early. We got ready for our trip to Darjeeling. In the meantime, our taxi stopped before our hotel. Mreenal’s father wished to entertain us with tea and we welcomed it. Then we both teams checked out from the hotel and got into the taxi.

 Indian Family
With that Indian Family

We started our journey. We for Darjeeling but Mreenal’s family for the Gangtok. Our driver was a cool-headed one. He was Nayan. He welcomed us with a smile. We asked Nayan to take a stop before an on the way hotel to take our breakfast.

Tata Sumo
Jeep waiting to drive us to Darjeeling

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Thanks, Nayan for a nice selection.

We resumed our journey. Our car was heading towards through the green world of the lovely tea garden. Gradually the weather was becoming cold. We pulled out our warm cloth and wanted to get comfortable in its warmth. Taking a break, Nayan spoke out, “This is Teesta River viewpoint”.

Wow! What a beauty!

The crystal water of Teesta looked like green emerald under the spell of green ambiance all around. I could not but get down the river to take some photos. We passed some pleasing moment here, then, resumed our journey.

Teesta River
Beautiful view of Teesta River

When the uphill journey through the zig-zag road started, I got a feeling of nostalgia. I was in the front seat. The silly fresh weather and the endless greenery were simply awesome. No words to my dictionary to describe the beauty of the surroundings.

In the meantime, I got a text message. It was from Chatri. Chaitri was confirmed for our trip plan by Mreenal. It was the text of our hotel booking and it’s tariff in Darjeeling. The hotel name is Silver Cascade in Cooch Behar Road.

Reaching Darjeeling

Green view of Darjeeling
Darjeeling Town
Darjeeling Town

After three hours of adventurous hilly journey, Nayan stopped before our booked hotel. The outer view of the hotel was really influential. I became fascinated with the royal outer decoration of the hotel.

“Hi! I am Shila Thapa. How are you? How have you enjoyed your journey?”  the hotel manager, a middle-aged Nepali lady welcomed us with a warm reception. We were really touched by her way of showing respect to us. She did know how to deal with the guests because she was graduated from Hotel Management.

Hotel in Darjeeling
Inside Hotel in Darjeeling

We checked into the hotel. It was biting cold for us. We are not habituated with such kind cold. The temperature was around 5c. We got fresh and a quick brief from Nayan on that day’s activities. He advised us to go to the Mall that afternoon. And in the evening he will take us to the Bazar.

Taking a Delicious Lunch

I asked the manager for our lunch. She advised us that we can take our lunch at her brother’s restaurant beside our hotel. But we have to order the menu first. An influential young lady welcomed us with a smile from the counter. The restaurant was run by the couple. We ordered chicken, vegetable, dhal with rice for the menu.

Forty minutes later, we were served lunch. We enjoyed a delicious lunch.

Enjoying the Beauty of Mall

Darjeeling Mall
Darjeeling Mall

After lunch, we hurriedly stepped towards the Mall. The excitement was going on. We were accompanied by Nayan on foot. Shortly we reached the Mall. I became spellbound at the very first sight of the beauty of Mall and its surroundings. It was a clear sky with silly weather. The majestic and somber beauty of Kanchenjunga was visible from the Mall.

Ranjana explained the majestic temperament and the magical beauty of moody Kanchenjunga. But she also warned us the beauty could be enjoyed only by a few fortunate because often fog takes the part of villain hiding the majestic beauty of Kanchenjunga. We were really lucky enough to enjoy the moody Kanchenjunga.

The sun was going to be set. The silvery peak of Kanchenjunga gradually turned into purple. It was simply amazing. No word is found in my dictionary to describe the magic of snow-covered Kanchenjunga. The sunset but still, the reddish Kanchenjunga was flashing into my inner eye. I got stuck for a moment.

Darjeeling Mall
Night view from the Darjeeling Mall

Then we headed to the road leading from the right side of the Mall. The road is lined on one side with many types of shops, especially warm woolen cloths. We passed a busy time with some shopping.

Shopping at Bazar

With a great fascination, we came back to the hotel and then went to the bazaar. There was a huge exhibition of warm clothes in every shop with an alluring offered price. We did shopping for warm clothes for every member of the family. We came back to the hotel and took another delicious meal for our dinner like lunch.

When we were about to get the bed, Nayan knocked at our room’s door and asked for the next day’s trip. I wished for his help. With a friendly smile, he told us to enjoy the beauty of Mirik and Sukhia Pakhri. So the next day is for Mirik and Sukhia Pakhri. We did not take a room heater because we wanted to take the test of severe cold. It was very hard to bear but we succeeded.

Enjoying the golden peak of Kanchenjunga from our hotel balcony

Golden view of the Kanchenjunga
A golden view of the Kanchenjunga from the Hotel balcony

Next morning we got up early and stepped to the balcony. The golden rays of morning sun on the mighty Kanchenjunga hit me like a thunderbolt. Enjoying the sun-kissed mountain peaks from the balcony was a miracle. I have no word which can do justice to that early morning view. The shining snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga was really enchanting.

Starting for Mirik

We took breakfast in the same restaurant and set off for Mirik at 8 am. The green forest on the way to Mirik is like paradise. A scenic road continued to Mirik. We were driven through the green tea gardens on the hill slopes. On the way, we were also fortunate to see orange orchards. The yellow-orange hanging from the orchards made me feel it as a fairyland. Within three hours we reached Mirik.

On our way, we were informed by Nayan about the beauty of Mirik. Mirik is basically famous for Sumendu Lake. The lake is surrounded by a garden Savitri Push Pandyan on one side and pine trees on the other. Both sides are linked together by an arching footbridge.

Reaching Mirik

Getting down from our car, we first bought a dozen juicy orange for which Mirik is popular. Ample juicy orange is grown here.

We proceeded towards the beautiful lake. We walked around the lake enjoying the alluring taste of juicy orange. I took 4 more juicy oranges. We did not boat though there was a boating facility in the lake. Rather we preferred to enjoy the awesome view of the lake. I got the best opportunity to capture the beautiful greenery on my camera.

Mirik Lake
Before the beautiful lake in Mirik

We passed about an hour in the soothing and scenic views of tranquil Mirik. Then we began our onward journey to Sukhia Pokhri.

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Sukhia Pokhri
Sukhia Pokhri

The main attraction in Sukhia Pokhri is Guneshy Forest Resort. The entire range of silvery snow covered Kanchenjunga was seen from the ground of the resort. I stared for some time at the heavenly views of Kanchenjunga. I made proper use of my camera shooting for some memorable snaps.

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We started for our back to Darjeeling and reached our hotel near about the evening. Without any delay, we again hurried to Mall and passed about an hour strolling about the Mall.

Visiting Tiger Hill

The next day was reserved for Tiger Hill and local sightseeing in Darjeeling town. The golden sunny rays view of Kanchenjunga in the early morning was the pull factor to me. I had seen the early morning beauty of Kanchenjunga in photo or video clip, not in reality. So a great excitement was going on.

For Tiger Hill, we had to compromise with our sweet early morning sleep to get up at 3 am with a wake-up call by Nayan. We hurriedly got ready and started for Tiger Hill. The cold weather turned into the worst one with the blowing of the gentle wind. So I had to wrap myself in the blanket taking with me. We were waiting for the miracle of early morning sun from the Tiger Hill Observatory.

       The beginning of the Miracle of Sunrise

The sun began to rise. The golden sun rays over Kanchenjunga covered our compromise with early morning sleep.

Sunrise in Tiger hill
The golden sun rays over Kanchenjunga

The miracle of the sun rising from Tiger Hill

How I can explain the beauty of that morning. No ways, no words. I am deep and dumb to explain the beauty of the golden color of sunlight. The sunlight mixing with silvery snow-covered peaks of Kanchenjunga created magical surroundings. I will never forget that miraculous moment.

I took many photos of the view in my camera but I think no photo could do even a little justice to the view.

Beautiful view of Kanchenjunga
Beautiful view of Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill

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Beautiful view of Kanchenjunga
Beautiful view of Kanchenjunga

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We got back from Tiger Hill and took breakfast. Then we headed to Batasia-loop (the Toy Train Track). But after enjoying the magical beauty of Kanchenjunga in the early morning from Tiger Hill, my attraction to anything fell down. So we did enjoy the view from here but not like Tiger Hill. But the running of Toy Train in its track was awesome.

From here we went to Japanese Temple. It is a renowned temple because it symbolizes the peace and tranquility of the Buddhist. Wandering for sometimes, we got back to the hotel.

Japanese Temple in Darjeeling
Before the Japanese Temple

Enjoying another delicious lunch, we took rest for sometimes. In the afternoon we again visited Mall. We passed more than an hour in and around the Mall.

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Starting for Kalimpong

Having a nice overnight stay at the hotel, the next day morning, we started for Kalimpong. At early morning, our guide and tour planner Chaitri joined us to drive and guide us himself. So, we had to bid the cool-headed Nayan.

In the meantime, Chaitri ensured our hotel booking. It was at Ichegoan. We had no idea of it. We asked Chaitri for the major tourist’s attractions in Kalimpong. He especially advised us to visit Pine View Nursery at first (Cactus Nursery). Then we can also visit Science City and Hanuman Mandir.

On our way to Kalingpong, Chaitri stopped for a viewpoint where the two rivers Teesta and Rangeet embrace each other and was flowing amid the greenery of the hills surrounding.

Teesta and Rangeet River
The mingling of Teesta and Rangeet

Reaching in Kalimpong Chaitri drove us to the Pineview Nursery(Cactus Nursery). Oh my Allah! I have never seen such a wide and impressive collection of rare cactus. It was a huge display of Cactus from North, South and Central America.

Every cactus was looking very nice. Thanks to Chaitri for selecting the garden to visit.

Pineview Nursery(Cactus Nursery)
Pineview Nursery(Cactus Nursery)

Indeed our Kalimpong trip went in vain if we did not visit Cactus Nursery.

Pineview Nursery(Cactus Nursery)
Pineview Nursery(Cactus Nursery)


Pineview Nursery(Cactus Nursery)
Pineview Nursery(Cactus Nursery)

Then we rushed to the Science City of Kalimpong. It was situated on the top of the hill. The Science City of Kalimpong is very informative. Some exhibitions of fun and riddle puzzled me.

In the yard of Science City, Dinosaur Park is a special attraction with other attractions. The Science City and its yard are quite interesting.

Then we visited Hanuman Temple. The Hanuman statue is an ordinary one but it has a great value to the Hindu.

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Starting for Ichegaon

Chaitri started for Ichegaon. Our car was rushing through the wild forest. After a journey of an hour, we reached Ichegaon. It was small than a Hamlet. Chaitri took a package of food and lodging by 1000 rupees per head.

The wild and lonely surroundings of Ichegaon made us turn back to Kalingpong town. Though we did not stay at Ichegaon, we had a paid homemade lunch with a lovely local family.

Getting back to Kalimpong, we checked into a hotel. The hospitality and service made us happy to forget the scary come back from Ichegaon.

Off for Loleygaon

Next day morning was a quite happy one for us. We visited Lava, a small sleepy village. The serenity and beauty of Lava quenched my hungry mind for nature. Then we set off for Loleygaon, a quiet and peaceful Hamlet. We reached Loleygaon after a two and half an hour bumpy ride along the broken roads in the afternoon.

Loleygaon is surrounded by sky touching Dhupi and Cypress forests. The golden range of Kanchenjunga with green ambiance near our hotel was seen. It was a so spectacular view that we couldn’t move an inch but to enjoy the views of paradise like

golden range of Kanchenjunga
The golden range of Kanchenjunga from Loleygaon


The darkness of the evening was approaching from our behind. The golden rays of setting sun over the peaks of Kanchenjunga was visible.

Meeting a sweet local teenage girl

“Can we have tea?” I asked a young girl of 13 or 14 who was standing beside her sister’s tea stall near our sitting place.

“Please wait for a moment. I can’t make tea and my sister is also absent from the stall”, requesting us she replied with a sweet smile.

Impressed by her smart expression, I offered her a conversation. She smilingly agreed with my proposal.

“Are you a student?” I asked her.

“Hoom! I am a student of class ix from a secondary high school of this Hamlet” she sharply replied.

I was amazed by her English accent. “Do you have any aim in life?”

“Oh! Why not? I have an aim in life to become a police officer. I want to remove the corruptions and the evils of the country”, she replied like a scholar with the depth of her practical knowledge.

“Which one is better education or arms for removing the corruptions and the evils of the society”, I asked her.

“Both”, she talentedly answered with a devilish smile.

I was so impressed with her words that I forgot to ask her name. But she will remain evergreen in my mind forever.

Started back journey suddenly

We had a plan for the next day in Loleygaon and to explore the beauty of the Hamlet. But it was our bad luck and had to cancel the next day plan. One of our mates from Bangladesh who did not join for Darjeeling Tour. He was in Kolkata for his treatment and suddenly became severely ill.

So, with the amazing experience of Darjeeling Tour and pain of missing the aerial view of Loleygaon, we hurriedly began our come back journey to N.J.P.

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Taxi driver
With our driver Chaitree

Our train tickets for Kolkata were confirmed on 26th December 2014. I talked to the station master about our problem. He advised me to cancel the booked tickets first and then to try for new tickets of that date.

But he did not give me any confirmation of our tickets. Instantly I had to take the decision losing the confirmation of the booked tickets for the next day

Finally, we got tickets after two hours waiting. But we had to wait for another six hours in the freezing cold for the kicking off the train.

And our long cherished exiting Darjeeling Tour ended leaving a trail in our memory. That’s why I made my 2nd Darjeeling Trip with my family in 2016. And now I wish I were a permanent citizen of Darjeeling.

Helpful Tips Darjeeling Tour

For Bangladeshi

For the tourists from Bangladesh, there are multiple best ways to get to Darjeeling.

Using Darshana-Gede border

Using Darshana-Gede border, you can reach Kolkata (Chitpur Station) by Train. The train leaves from Dhaka Cant. Station at 8 am.

Fare: Non-Ac

1660 with Travel Tex, Ac Chair: 2370 with Travel Tex, Cabin: 2870 with Travel Tex.

From Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri

After reaching Kolkata, you have to stay the night. Then you can go to New Jalpaiguri (NJP) by train from Howrah station. Many trains leave for NJP. But the best one is the Shatabdi Express.

Fare CC

1050,  EC 2075. If you are on a budget trip, you can get many more trains. You can get the sleeper seat at a cost of 320-350.

Booking Ticket

You can get the ticket now from Bangladesh by some Travel Agency It will cost you just 100 takas more. Or You can get the ticket from Fairlie Place as a foreigner at any time of the day between 9 am -4 pm.

From NJP to Darjeeling

After reaching NJP, you can take a private jeep. It will cost you 2000-2500 Rs but bargaining is a must.

For the tight budget planner, it is better to get into share jeep.

You will get the shared jeep in front of the NJP station. Or you can go to Shiliguri station by Auto Rickshaw with a fare of just 10 Rs. Then you can get into the shared jeep. It will cost you just 150 Rs.

Using Burimari and Tamabil border

You can reach Darjeeling using these two borders but the best is Burimari than the Tamabil. Then you can hire a jeep or get on a bus with a fare of 50 Rs for Shiliguri.

Using Akhaura and Srimonta Pur border

By these borders, first of all, you have to reach Agartala. Then by air, you can reach either to Kolkata or Shiliguri. Then you have to follow the above instruction to reach Darjeeling.

For a budget planner, I prefer to reach Kolkata first. If you book the air ticket 2 or 3 months earlier, it will cost you just between 1500-2000 Rs. Then you can get the train for NJP.

If you are in a hurry, you can board the plane for Shiliguri and it may cost you more than 5000 Rs.

Tourists from other countries

Tourists from different countries should reach first at Kolkata or Shiliguri by Air then you can follow the same routes detailed above.

Tips for Darjeeling Hotels

If you are on a budget trip, you should book the hotel bodily. It will just cost you 800-1000 Rs comparatively for a good hotel.

You can get into Hotel Siver Cascade(Mobile: 09434221541, 0354-2255065) in Cooch Behar Road.

You will get the room at a cost of 800-1000 Rs but you have to book it own self either bodily or over the phone.

Names of Some More Cheap Hotels in Darjeeling

1.Serenity Home, B.K. Gongba Road

2.Golden Orchid-The Lodge, 1/7 Dr. Zakir Hussain Road, Below T.V. Tower

3.Hotel Blue Diamond, dr. s.N. das Road, Near Big Bazar

4.Mount Olive, D.B. Giri Road

Hotel Mount View, 57 Gandhi Road, Near Circuit House

For cheap hotels, you can also go here   They are also comparatively best hotels in Darjeeling

There are many hotels near the stand. You can choose anyone.

But, if you book the hotel through a travel agency, you have to spend double.

If you wish to have the hotel room without any hassle, you can book the hotel room online by OYO, Make My Trip, Goibibo. You will get the room at a cheap rate.

But from all these, I prefer OYO. If you book the room by OYO, it will not cost you single money. Rather they will call you or send you mail if you are late. Even you can cancel your booking

Places to visit in Darjeeling

Places to visit in Darjeeling like Tiger Hill, Japanese peace pagoda, Batasia-loop, Darjeeling Himalayan railway, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Tea Garden, Darjeeling Mall,  you can hire jeep or car and for a car, it will cost you 600-800 Rs.

For the budget trip planner, I suggest you depend on foot. All the spots are within walking distance except Tiger Hill. For Tiger Hill, you can get the shared jeep and it will cost you within 100 Rs.

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Best Time to visit Darjeeling

The best time for visiting Darjeeling is from April to June. But, if you are a winter lover then you can choose October to December.

About Darjeeling Tea

One going to Darjeeling should not miss the taste of the best Darjeeling Tea in India which is also popular worldwide.

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  1. It’s a beautiful place, to visit in Darjeeling like Tiger Hill, Japanese peace pagoda, Batasia-loop, Darjeeling Himalayan railway, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Tea Garden, Darjeeling Mall, you can hire jeep or car.


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