My family Trip to Bandarbhan-A Story of Exploring the Abode of Cloud

Hi! Everybody, can you hear me? I am with you all today to share my experience of my family trip to Bandarban, the land of cloud and one of the attractive tourist places in Bangladesh.

There are many tourist places to visit in Bandarban like Nilgiri, Nilachal, Megla, Shorna Mondir, Shollo Profat, and Boga Lake that are enough to catch the attention of the tourists.

my family trip to Bandarban
On Shollo Propat

It’s my pleasure that fortune has amply favored me to kiss the stunning beauty of Bandarban at least three times. Surprisingly each time Bandarban appeared to be wearing a new look.

Truth be told, my trip to Bandarban with my family (my toddler, wife, and me) was one like out of Cosmos.

This time, the greenish Bandarban with all its flora and fauna assumed a celestial form as if it were the paradise of earth.

My wife and Toddler’s Thought for Bandarban

My traveling fantasy has already infected my wife and angel boy like Nipa Virus.

They are coughing 24/7 from the mania of Virus Bandarban babbling all the time Bandarban! Bandarban!! Bandarban!!! So Antidote is needed.

“Ogo (my dear) will you take us to Bandarban?” my better half began to plead with her musical voice.

My naughty toddler, joining his mother began to pinch hanging on my back, “Baba, will you take us?”

I never mind sipping the beauty of the same place several times. So, I assured them they would be stationed to their cherished desire.

So, during my summer vacation, we were off for Bandarban. When we were winding through the lush green, being mesmerized by the greenery of unbound, my wife screamed out “Oh!

What a beauty! Be blessed dear for bringing us here.”

Reaching Bandarban, we checked into the Hotel Plaza Bandarban. The hill view from the hotel was not satisfactory but the standard of the room was not bad enough.

Taking a Palatable Lunch

Being satisfied with this, we got out for our lunch. We were sitting on the bench of a small restaurant namely Tajing Dong Café.

“Welcome! Sir. What will you take for lunch?” a hotel boy politely asked me.

I was simply amazed at the boy. Yes, courtesy never costs but earns a lot. Thanking the boy, I asked for the menu.

“Chicken, mutton, and red meat”, replied the boy.

“Any fish item”, I inquired more.

“Yes, sir. We have a special item of Kachki (sea fish) curry” he replied with his courtesy.

Thinking about the specialty, I ordered for Kachki curry with chicken for my Toddler. We were waiting for the menu. My Toddler was rummaging every corner of that small hotel from crawling under the table to play with the tap water what he did not do.

“Oh! My Allah! What a taste of the fish!” taking the very first bite, my wife screamed out.

Yes, I have never taken such a delicious fish curry in my life. Later on, I have searched for this item in many places. My baby also indulged in eating the chicken chewing every bone of it. What a blissful scene it was!

Off for Raj Bari

Taking a savory lunch, we were on our way to Raj Bari on foot. On our way, we happened to stop at Bandarban bazaar. There was an exhibition of local fruits especially mango, lichi, and banana. The colorful ripe mangoes were alluring enough to buy.

“Baba, lichi, baba, lichi” my son began to stammer.

So, getting mango and lichi, we again took our way to Raj Bari. Within 10 minutes, we were before the Raj Bari.

My wife could hardly believe that the compound with a building and some tin shades buildings was all for Raj Bari. What a simple life a king can lead!

You can’t believe it without your eyes. It was simply impressive.

Even I don’t mind mentioning an event with the king happening at the time of my first trip. Then, we, the three friends, prayed for the king’s appointment. Surprisingly, the king granted our prayer giving an appointment time on the next day morning at 11 am.

Unfortunately, we missed the chance because we were late for 8 minutes. But the king was in his chamber at the right time. After five minutes of waiting for us, he left his chamber. 

What a punctual life he leads!

Showing our apology to the chamber men and saluting for king’s courtesy, we left the Raj Bari like the sinner.

“Baba, I will ride the lion (Lion’s statue before the Raj Bari gate)” wished my son.

Raj BAri, Bandarbhan
Before Raj Bari, Bandarban

But thinking it would be blasphemy and dishonor to the king’s family, I forbade my son. It began to darken.

So, taking some photos, we left for Flora Re Song Song restaurant in front of the Raj Bari near Rajarmath to take tea.

On my first trip, we took our dinner at Flora Re Song Song with coral fish curry. The taste was simply awesome.

Enjoying the Magic of Sangu River

Now we are on the bridge over Sangu River amid the Bandarban town.

The reddish glow of the setting sun falling over the crystal water of Sangu with thousands of twinkling lights from every corner created an enchanting view.

We could not but be gay with the magic of Sangu River even my angel boy.

“Baba, Baba, blood, blood” being misguided out of childish mind spoke out my baby.

Yes, the crystal water of Sangu was flowing as being crimsoned under the glowing color of the setting sun.

What can a child do with the magic of Sangu?

An adult I think can be misguided at his very first sight.

 Sangu River
Sun Set view of Sangu River

I tried to capture the moment on my camera. But unfortunately, my camera with its weak resolution could not make the proper judgment with the view.


If I had a DSLR!!!

Being enchanted, with an obsession, we began to stroll to our back path. It was enough dark except for the stars-like lights from every house.

“Baba, I cannot walk. Take me on your back”, my son pleaded.

Taking my son on my back, we were again before Tajing Dong Café with the hope of another dainty meal.

However, we were not frustrated with our dinner.

First Day’s Exploration

The next day morning, we hired a CNG Auto Rickshaw for Shollo Propat, Nilachal, Meghla, and Shorna Mondir(Golden temple).

Our driver Painsa was gentle enough to make our trip a gorgeous one. The whole trip cost me only 600 Taka.

Shollo Propat: A Crystal Clear Water Cascade

With the suggestion of our driver Painsa, we began our exploration heading to Shollo Propat, one of the best places to visit in Bandarban.

When we were rushing through the serpentine road amid the lush green, we could see the floating clouds all around us, sometimes foamy, sometimes gray and sometimes black in their race as if they were approaching to welcome us.

“You can enjoy the best view from here”, taking a break, our driver Painsa offered us smiling.

Yes, the man who can read the human mind is the great one. Indeed at that time, I was expecting the same.

Thanks, Painsa for such generous hospitality on behalf of him.

Green and green all around with the floating cloud created a view as if a distant magic man was working with his magic from his hidden place.

Though mind was forbidding us to leave that place, we had to resume our way to Shollo Propat, another magic of Bandarban, for the constant urge of villain time.

Fluxing of crystal water amid the green emerald is only possible in fantasy land.

“If I could be the mermaid of this spring” my wife wished with a deep breath.

“I will walk through the water, baba”, my son desired with his naughty smile.

What do they say! One wishes to be a mermaid, another wish to be a walker through the gushing water who is still learning walking.

Shollo Propat
The beauty of Shollo Propat

Now, what can I do without dancing with them? Ha.. ha… ha. I wish I could dive into the skin-deep pit made by the cascade.

If anyone going there with a group can try for a refreshing dive. But, be careful, swimming skill is must for a dip.

I got down capturing every moment on my camera but it could not make me happy with its performance. I hope, next time, I would be there with a premium one.


Starting for Meghla: Most Amazing Tourist Spot

Sipping the beauty of Shollo Propat, we turned to Megla Parjatan Complex at the footstep of Bandarban main town.

Stepping through the gate, my Toddler assumed his heroic form.  I tried to take him on my back but refusing it, he said: “Baba, I will ride down the path myself”.

Oh, my Allah!! What a brave son is mine!!!

Again who cares about my words? He began to ride down and successfully ended it.

Bravo!!! We headed to the hanging bridge over the lake. Suddenly only Red! Red!! and Red!!! caught my sight as if it were a red carpet.

Megla, Bandarbhan
On the red carpet of Megla, Bandarban

Can you think what it is? It was the magic of Krishnachura!!


Krishnachura turned wild to bloom herself making the whole area reddish and reddish with her holy smile.

My mind leaped out with the smile of Krishnachura. Yes, a nature lover cannot but be gay with such a jocund company.

Riding Cable Car

My Toddler and better half began to plead for cable car riding. So to speak, it’s not a bad idea to enjoy the beauty of the whole complex from the air.

Indeed, the lake view from the air was simply photographic.

Then we strolled around the whole complex rummaging every dot of nature.

At the time of departure from the complex, again my son got ready to show his heroism. He would ride upward the road. This time I could not but encourage him.

He did it like a victory. It brought us a feeling of deep pleasure and satisfaction.

Megla, Bandarbhan
Heroism showed by my son
Megla, Bandarbhan
Heroism showed by my son
Megla, Bandarbhan
Heroism showed by my son

Hoom!!! Go ahead, the son of Bengal’s Tiger!!!

Miracle in Nilachal!!! The Land of Cloud in Bangladesh

Now we are winding towards Nilachal, the Tiger Hill of Bangladesh indeed. I could never think the most memorable event was going to happen in my life.

It was a miracle. We could see the clouds floating over the hills.

In a wink of eyes, we were enveloped by the sudden gust of floating clouds.

What we could see, what we could touch, what we could feel, and what we could breathe, was all cloud! Cloud!! and cloud!!! as if we were the cloud ourselves!

It was also strongly winding.

Nilachal Bandarbhan
Miracle in Nilachal

Isn’t this incredible? We were really lucky enough to be here right at that moment.

We were soaked being kissed with the adoration of hovering clouds. It brought me celestial feeling as if I were transported to a fantasy land beyond the sensual earth.

I became one with the cloud with a soothing sense of holiness.

 Nilachal Bandarbhan
Cloud engulfed us from all around

Then we could stroll to the workers working for building the resort there right at that moment.

“What fortunate you are, brother!” suddenly one of them spoke out staring at us with a rare smile on his face.

“Why, brother? what I could ask in response.

“Sometimes such deep clouds hover here. Generally, clouds float over the downhills”, replied the man.

The majestic view aroused the singer in me. I sang which song I could remember. And my wife did so. While whole my angel son indulged in his own made game whatever he could.

Mind did not permit us to leave the place but the Shorna Mondir was waiting for us. Moreover, it would be closed down at 5 pm.

So we had to bid farewell to our beloved Clouds, beloved Nilachal.

Stepping to The Renowned Bandarban Buddhist Temple

Then we were at our last destination of that day Theravada Buddist Temple which is popularly known as Shorna Mondir.

Besides its religious significance, it has its own glamour especially rays of setting sun and morning sun falls on it, it assumes a majestic view under the spell of the crimson color of setting sun and morning sun.

Shorna Mondir, Bandarbhan
Before Shorna Mondir

To know more about Bandarban click here

Moreover, the natural views of the hilly Bandarban from the Temple is simply alluring.

“Baba, what a beauty!” my baby could say.

“What a creation of Allah!” joining my baby, my wife also commented exclaiming.

The closing bell of the Temple began to ring. So, we had to end up our day heading to our hotel reserving the next day for Nilgiri and Chimbuk.

But who could say that a sudden misfortune was waiting for us? It was nothing but the evil political hartal without any prior hints.

So, we had to pass the whole day idly in the hotel. The next day we left Bandarban with a sense of dissatisfaction and hoping that on my next trip I would embrace Nilgiri, Chimbuk, and Ruma. And I did so later on.

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