Top 6 Differences between Traveling and Vacation


Traveling and Vacation are Completely Two Different Things

Often we fail to find out the differences between Traveling and Vacation. We think that Traveling and Vacation are similar things. But it’s a wrong idea. Ample of differences between these two, I can find out which are followed:

A vacationer cares for shelter but a traveler not

A traveler never cares for his shelter while traveling. He gets satisfied if he can somehow spend the night. It can be in a tent or at a railway station or in a public hotel. He does not wish to spend the night at a 5-star hotel.

But what about a vacationer? A vacationer cannot compromise with his shelter. He is habituated to spend the night in the cozy corner. So 5 or 4-star hotel or a bungalow is his first choice.

A traveler is active but vacationer is passive

While traveling, a traveler is always active. He never depends on other for his trip plan. He is a guide himself. He does not look for a guide. He does not care for personal vehicle rather he likes to ride on sharing transport.

But a vacationer is always passive and lazy. He wants to get everything ready. He needs a guide 24/7. who will manage everything from ticket booking, hotel booking, and making a trip plan to hire vehicle? A vacationer feels comfortable with his private car more. To share the vehicle is a hell to him.

A traveler dares to face the challenge but a vacationer not

It is often seen that a traveler likes to face the challenge. He is fond of adventure. He feels an excitement and wonders while traveling to a new country or place. He does not wish to get anything without any hurdle. He feels the thrill when he confronts challenges or adventure while traveling in the home or out of his country.

On the contrary, a vacationer is fond of relax. He completely avoids adventure or challenge. He does not like to take any stress when he is on vacation.

A traveler is always energetic but a vacationer is exhausted

While traveling, a traveler is always filled with energy and jest. He does not become physically exhausted when he is on a tour.

If he does not get any vehicle for transportation, he never minds depending on foot miles after miles. Even he can go from one horizon to another by cycling. He loves to hike. He is not tired of it. Rather he enjoys it a lot.

But a vacationer is totally dependent. He is physically weak and exhausted. He cannot negotiate with his relax. He wants to get everything ready.

A traveler feels a thirst for knowledge but a vacationer not

To a traveler, the earth is a book. He thinks that if he stays at home, he will remain at the very first page of the book.

Thus a traveler always enriches his knowledge by traveling. He travels to see new places for the new experiences. While traveling, he seeks new things, new culture, new history, and new people and so on. He loves to see and learn.

Thus he creates chances to enrich his intellectual property. He is socialized and wishes to be more socialized.

On the other hand, a vacationer does not bother for new knowledge, culture or history. He wants to get entertainment from other culture and history. He embraces new places to recharge himself to melt away his stress and anxiety.

He beholds the world or new places only to get pleasure. He needs to relax. And if he gets it, he gets satisfied and happy.

 A vacationer can’t compromise with foods but a traveler never bother for it

When a traveler travels, he never thinks for his foodies. He lives on whatever he gets. He does not look for his chosen menu. Rather he prefers to get a local or native menu so that he can get the taste of different foods of different places and cultures.

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But a vacationer cannot compromise with his favorite menu. So wherever he goes, he wants to get what he likes. It is a nightmare experience for him if he does not get his chosen menu.

So when you are on a tour as a traveler, never try to be a vacationer, and when you are on a vacation never try to be a traveler to get the actual taste of Traveling and Vacation. Best of luck.

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