An Angel Boy I met on a winter night!!!

Angel boy!! Yes, one day  I truly met an angel boy! He looked humble but his thinking and work were not general. What he did was similar to the man of great heart found in the world.

After a short trip beside my town, I visited a Xerox shop that belonged to one of my students.

“How are you, Robel?” entering his Xerox shop I asked my student who was running the shop.

“Fine!” smilingly he answered.

Meeting the Angel Boy, A Boy Great Heart

I needed some Xerox copy. I was sitting on a chair. Suddenly I could notice a boy with a card hanging on his chest written with ‘Give me the warm cloth. I will wear’.

angel boy
Alamgir sitting helplessly

“Who is he, Robel?” being moved I asked my student.

“He is a boy of deep and dumb abandoned from his parents” Robel replied.

I turned to the boy. He was smiling though he was almost squeezed by the biting cold.

Alamgir Story Made Me Deeply Shocked

“What is your name?” forgetting his inability to listen and speak, I asked him like a fool.

He was smiling.

He could write since he could study for a few days in an autistic school. So I could make a written conversation with him from which what came out was quite a pathetic story.

“What is your name?” I asked him for writing on paper.

Wow! A smile was always on his face.

The Boy: “Alamgir” he could write.

Me: “Where are you from?”

Alamgir: Dhaka

Me: Don’t you have parents?

Alamgir: I have the father. My mother is no more.

Me: Why have you left your home?

Alamgir: My father does not feed me.

Me: Why?

Alamgir: He speaks I can’t work.

Me: Is this the only cause?

Alamgir: My stepmother also tortures me.

Me: Are you feeling very cold?

Alamgir: Yes

Me: Have you taken your meal today?

Alamgir: No

He was shivering but smiling. A well of human heart swelled up in my inner world.

“Let’s go, Robel”. I offered my student.

“Where sir”

“I will buy a warm cloth for him”

“Yes, I was also thinking. I like to contribute some”

We both got out for the market and bought a warm cloth for Alamgir. I could also notice he was on barefoot. So, we also bought a pair of shoes.

Hurriedly we took a rickshaw to get back. An unknown excitement was going on in me. Sadness engulfed me all around.

What cruelty! How cruelly a disabled child is treated! Where is humanity? Where is our society? Many thoughts, many questions were tormenting me.

Alamgir’s Smile Brought a Heavenly Bliss in My Mind

I offered him the warm cloth and a pair of shoes. He was smiling. I helped him to wear cloth. He wore shoes.

angel boy
The angel boy smiling getting the warm cloth

“Are you happy now? Do you feel warm now?” I could ask him for writing on the paper.

“Yes,” smilingly he replied.

I could also feel it made him happy.

“Alamgir, let’s go to my residence to take a meal” I offered him out of my passion.

But smilingly he refused it. Then I offered him some money to take a meal at the hotel. Again he refused it. I don’t know the reason why he was refusing my offer.  But finally, with a hard effort, I could manage him to take the money.

I passed about two hours with Alamgir talking on many things writing on the paper.

“What do you like to do now? At one point I asked him.

“Study,” he wrote.

If you study, I will help you.

An Answer from the Angel Boy did not let Me Sleep the Whole Night

“Where will you stay today?”

“At railway station”

Hearing his answer I could feel a pain in my heart.


What a shocking answer!  Certainly, the mosquito will smash away him today. But what I can do for him.

I offered him to stay tonight at my home but again he refused my proposal. I tried to manage him but everything went in vain. It was hard for me to deal with my tear.

Stupid! What would be the benefit of tearing for him? Will it make a river to change his lot? Will it make a society or country where he would be able to live happily?

No..! Never..!

I completely failed to control my tears like an emotional fool. The tear was rolling through my cheek silently. I tried to hide my tears.

Then I could remember I have also a child. If he falls in such a condition for any reason!

Many thoughts were also tearing my inner world. A tempest was going on.

I tried to manage him to go back to his father. I told him that father may good or bad but you would remain more saved with your father than living at the railway station or on the street. But he did not like my proposal.

He may deep and dumb, he may be helpless but he is full of ego and personality.

The night was deepening; the winter cold was getting severe. The home was calling me. I needed to leave for home but the mind was not permitting me.

Left Him that Night but Couldn’t Leave fro Memory

Finally, I told him “If you face any problem, please contact me or come to this shop. I will do everything as my ability”.

He agreed to me bowing his head. I again reminded him to take the meal with the money. We both got out of the shop. He took his own path, I took my own.

I could look back and see he was gradually going out of my vision. At once I could see everything that was before me but not the boy.

It was a tough night for me. Alamgir was all around my thoughts. I couldn’t sleep that night.

I was informed by Robel that the next day Alamgir looked for me.

On the third day of our first meeting, we again could get together. We passed many times together sharing many things. We could feel each other.

The same happened for many days.

What a Great Job He Did for Me!

One day I found him before my door. He could come to my home with the help of Robel.

“Alamgir, how are you?”

He was smiling. We again became busy with written conversation.

“How have you found my home?”

“Robel vhai helped me”

“Are you hungry? Have you taken your meal?”

“Yes. I have come to meet you. How are you?” he wrote on the paper.

I was speechless. What does he say? He has come to look after me. Great..!!!!! What a boy of great heart!!!

“Where are you staying now and how are you living on?” I asked him.

“In railway station and whatever I get, I live on this,” he answered.

We hang out for about an hour. Then he left me but he could not take away his shade from my mind. He was alive in my thoughts 24/7.

Again Met Him

It was two days later. He could find out my chamber to look after my well-being. After that day he got vanished for a few days.

Suddenly one day I could again discover him before my door. He was smiling. He offered me a tube of petroleum jelly and a tube of cream from Fair & lovely.

“Why have you brought these, Alamgir?”

“I have bought these for you from my income. Now I am vending betel leaves and cigarettes. Someone has helped me to do this.”

I was speechless with his words. What has he done? Generally, we can see doing such a great job by the great of heart.

Yes, now I could feel Alamgir was a boy of great heart!! His work is the work of angel boy!!

I smiled at him and tried to show my gratitude but no word was matching his great job. I advised him to live well. It is not necessary to spend on anybody by him.

Alamgir left me for doing business

Often, he visited my home.

One day he informed me he would go to Chittagong for doing business and making money. I forbade and advised him to go back to his father but he did not care for my words. But he assured me he would meet me a few days later.

Alamgir left me forever

Yes, a few days later, he again came to my home. He could not succeed in his dream and plan. So he got back. I again requested him to go back to his father. He smiled but did not say anything. He was smiling ceaselessly. I requested him to take a meal and this time he did not refuse my proposal.

After the meal, he left my home but never came again.

I don’t know where he is now. Maybe with his father or in the street or in the railway station or maybe above anything of our earthly life smiling at me or forgot me completely.

But I can’t forget Alamgir, this angel boy. He is always with my existence.

Alamgir, wherever you go, whatever you do, believe it, I am just waiting for you till now.

Please come back to me. I am simply missing you and many things to say to you. I have many things to share with you………only with you……!!!!

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