March 7, 2021
Acer 1 laptop

Acer Swift 1 Review

Best Laptop for Travelers Who are Doing Freelancing

Sexy!!! Yes, I call Acer Swift 1 a sexy laptop.

Its slim and light metal frame, eye-catching shining aluminum outlook, full HD screen, amazing battery life, and a fingerprint feature, all these have prompted me to call it a sexy laptop because, with all these features, Acer Swift 1 is capable enough to draw the attention of the fashionable users.

Acer 1 laptop
Acer 1 laptop

But to enjoy all these sexy features, as fashionable users, you have to compromise with its irritating speed and comparatively poor storage capability.

If you are a light user and do freelancing while traveling, then don’t think for these features to enjoy amazing features of this laptop.

But be careful of having this stylistic one if you are a heavy user. Better to look for a heavy one.

Let’s look for a review on Acer swift 1 which will help you to take a decision.

Design and Features

As I have told you that the most amazing thing with this laptop which will certainly engrave your attention is its sexy and stylistic design.

No doubt, the slim metal frame with 18 mm thickness will impress you to have this laptop.


  • Slim and light with metal frame
  • Amazing battery life
  • Magnetic fingerprint reader
  • HD display


  • Slow speed
  • Dissatisfactory storage


After its design, the thing which will attract you is its grandstanding 1080 p IPS LCD display on the 13.3-inch screen which looks adorably vivid and sharp.

For a standard display, it needs a brightness of at least 250 nits to enjoy a pleasing and comfortable indoor view. But Acer Swift 1 has come up with a fair brightness of 286 nits which is more than excellent.

But you may have to struggle with a great view if you look for using under the bright sun.

It has also an excellent angles’ view from 300 degrees or more with a rich looking image.

Keyboard and Trackpad

One thing which has peeped into my mind is that Acer really knows how to accommodate a solid and responsive keyboard with a fingerprint reader within a limited budget laptop.

The key action with the fingerprint is more than perfection.

But one thing with the keyboard may pan you when you will type in the darkness is the lack of backlighting.

Yes, you can’t also expect this feature with this cheap laptop from any brand.

And the trackpad is up to the mark to perform comfortably with your job. It is featured with a smooth-shining metal surface with which the clocking is light but solid, definite and responsive.

Webcam and Speaker

You can’t but be impressed with the image quality of the webcam while you will be in the video call. The 640×480 webcam found in the bezel above the screen will make you content with its decent job while you will be in a video conference.

Besides the sounds of the speaker is really satisfactory. The volume can reward you loud sound with which you can even continue a Skype call, listening to music, watching a movie without headphone.


The design and outlook of Acer Swift 1 fail to give you the impression that you can get the laptop with a cheap price.

You should not be surprised to hear that the main reason of its cheap price is its Intel Pentium N4200 Processor which comes up with a quad-core CPU with a clock speed of 1.1 GHz and a burst of 2.5 GHz. And this is the main cause of the weak performance of Swift 1.

But the laptop within this price cannot perform as the Swift 1 can which can be your only consolation with the performance of this laptop.

Battery Life

One day I could continue for 8 hours with this laptop to cover up a program but the laptop was still alive.

So, it is proved that the battery will last at least for 8-9 hours though Acer promises for 10 hours.

Though it is not a mind-blowing result because you can get an available laptop in the market which is ready to give more result, the result from Acer 1 is up to the mark within this pried laptop covering up your whole day work.


With the ports’ feature, Acer Swift 1 is great because the connections found in Acer Swift 1 cannot be found over a costly laptop.

If you look at the left side of Acer Swift 1, you will get a USB 2.0 port and the SD card reader. Then on the right side, you will get a pair of USB 3.0ports which is great for this price. You will also get here a USB 3.1 Type-c Gen 1 port, a headset jack, and a full HDMI port.

But the Acer Swift 1 lacks Thunderbolt. Of course, you cannot expect this feature within this priced laptop from any brand.

Should I get Acer Swift 1?

As I told you before, if you are a light user that means for the use of typing, browsing, watching a movie and checking e-mail, Acer Swift 1 is unparallel within this priced laptop.

But, if you are a heavy user, I can’t recommend you for having this laptop. Simply it will frustrate you.


The Acer Swift 1 is a glamorous laptop because of its sexy and stylistic outlook. If you are a light user, you can have this laptop without any hesitation and it will cost you just $329.

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